Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Brazilians who love FOOTBALL

Hello guys, pay attention!
Now, we will talk a little bit about something that most Brazilians love… Any idea???
In fact, we are going to explain what the Brazilian Championship is and we are also going to try to foresee what team will win this time – 2011.
The Brazilian Championship, also known as “Brasileirão”, is a soccer championship involving Brazilian clubs that has been disputed every year since 1959.

The tournament is organized by CBF (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol) and the winner, the runner-up as well as the third and fourth best teams at the end of the season are granted with the right to play Copa Libertadores.
However, predicting the winners in this edition of the championship is proving to be a hard task because the competition is coming to an end and the final result is still a mystery.
So, choose the team you think will win and cross your fingers!
Good luck!
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Botafogo is one of the teams whose tradition is passed from father to son, and can be considered one of the oldest in Rio de Janeiro.
Its supporters and soccer players are said to be superstitious people.
The team has a lot of famous fans around the country, like Marcelo Adnet and Beth Carvalho.
Botafogo is the team that has more players called to defend the Brazilian National team: Garrincha, Didi, Nilton Santos, Túlio, Zagalo, to name but a few.
At the moment Botafogo struggles to win, despite having good players such as: Cortez, Jefferson and Elkerson. 

The players are optimistic about the results but the coach, Luxemburgo, said “it isn't easy for anybody” showing he is not as optimistic as the players.
Fluminense has the capacity to win the Brazilian Championship because the team is comprised of good players, who are called “warriors” by their supporters.
Fluminense Football Club won the Brazilian Championship last year (2010) right after being almost relegated to the second division of the championship. Therefore, players are full of hope and determined to win.

In the homestretch of Brasileirão, Vasco da Gama is the team with the best performance so far, and despite having been shaken by the fact that their coach had had a stroke, the team is determined to win the championship.
Cristóvão Borges, who has been training the team while Ricardo Gomes is still under medical treatment, prepared a surprise to the players before the match in which Vasco would face Atlético-MG: he put Ricardo Gomes on the phone to speak with the players. They were very happy and motivated to do their best in the match, and as a consequence, it was very good, although some players got hurt.
Last but not least, the coach remembers:  Vasco is the team that had more injured players in the season, but this is not a problem, since players are motivated to win the championship in order to dedicate their victory to Ricardo Gomes.
Opponents, watch out!

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