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Have you ever played......?

We're going to talk about curious and diffent sports around the world . If you have played or would like to play one of these , please leave a comment . check it out!!!


Curling is a sport in which players slides stonos across a sheet of ice towards a target area .It's releted to bowls , bout and shuffleboard . Two teams , each of four players , take teams sliding heavy , polished gramite stones , also called “rock” , across the ice curling sheet towards the house , a circular target marked on the ice . Each teams has eight stomes . The purse is to accumulate the highest score for a game ; points are scored for the stomes resting closes to the centre of the houseat the conclusion of each and , which is complete when both teams have thrown all of their stones . A game may consist of ten or eight ends.


Tchoukball is an indoor team sport devoloped in the 1970s by swiss biologist Hermann Brandt who believed that “The adjective of all physical activities is not to make champions but make a contribution to building a harmonious socitey” . His aim was to develop a team sport whic didn't inveloped the horrific infuries which he viewed as playing other sports.

The Pumpkin Regatta
The Pumpkin Regatta is a sport which different teans racers paddle giant hallowed out pumpkins on a lake. The race was found in 1999 by Danny Dill, son of Horward Dill beeder of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin.
Leo Swinamer of New Ross, Nova Scotia has dominated the competition, winning six out of the ten races held, winning his most recent race at the age of 73.
There are three classes: Motor, experimental and padding. Not all classes attract competitors each year. The paddling class is the best known and most popular in terms of entries.
The race gained a degree of notability in 2005 when Martha Stewart announced her intention to participate. Various other celebrity paricipants have raced, notably local member of parliament Scoot Brison, who has appeared in several of the races. 

Existed for 500 years in the southeast Asia. Played in a circle where a player passes the foal to another without dropping it.
The goal is to pass the ball over the met using any part any part of the body except hands and arms.As in volleyball if the ball hits the court is closed to dispeite that point .
Each team has three players, a maximum of three touches before passing the ball to the apponent's court, being that one player alone can run these three rings. It's allowed to block, frow whose hands and arms don't touch the ball and the player doesn't touch the network.

Extreme Ironing is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take an ironing board to a remote location and iron items of clothing. According to the official website, extreme ironing is “the lastest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfction of a well-passed shirt”.

Paddle ball is a different sport which is similar to tennis but it's not. For practice this sport is necessary the same ball of tennis and a court with differents characteristics. It has 20 m length per 10 m height with wall around all court . This sport can be played by two, three or four players on a court with three or four walls. And a point are scored when the oponnent(s) can't return the ball. It's like tennis, it has ace, but only three with 21 points, wins who make two aces first.

. Two players of differents teams stay on the court playing and one player musn't stop the oponnents from seeing the ball or make physical contact. In this game to have a point the ball must to hit on the wall and come back behind the short line. It won't be a point if the ball hits the floor before the short line (a short server) or when the ball hits over the end line before hitting the floor (a long server). And if it hits on wall more than two times. Look the picture to understand.

People who practice this sport talk it is more dynamic thn others similars sports, like tennis. Paddle Ball isn't known but it seems to be a interesting sport! What about try it?

The American Football is a famous sport in the USA, but isn't practiced so often in the Brazil. This sport is the most important and popular for north americans. Often, the people in Brazil and other countries confused this sport with Rugby because the American Football is as violent as RugbHowever, the players of American Football use safe equipments ,it got a lot of rules for reduct the hurts and are played with a oval ball. This sport reward the agility, tatic and power of players ,this tatics may be for attack and deffense of team. The deffense have the strongest players of team and the attack is compost of a Quaterback( who start the attack) and the receivers.
The objective of American Football is add points in the score and the player can make a goal(3 score points) or if the player arrived in the opponent's endzone that's call Toutchdown(6 score points).
The principal and biggest league of American Football is called NFL(National Football League) and is compost of 32 teams that are founded in 1920. This league have an important final game that decided the winner team.
I reckon this sport is so good to watch but to play isn't good for people don't like suffer hurts eventually and aren't aggressives. This sport have a little audience in Brazil because is only transmited by the channel ESPN and that channel is payed to people watch. Exists projects to formation of American Football in Brazil and have little teams.
And now is your turn, what's your opinion about the American Football?If you have an opinion post here.y and the ball is equal in these sports.


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