Friday, 14 October 2011

"One has to grow hard but without ever losing tenderness"

When Che Guevara said this sentence, he couldn't imagine that the athletes would take it so seriously.

Observing sport scenes and images, we can see that love is in the air. The athletes are always caressing each other, showing affection and union in romantic poses.

Violence or tenderness? Don't you think there's something in the air?

They're so excited that sometimes they even kiss their colleagues.

How about dancing to celebrate love? These athletes think it is a good idea.

When celebrating a goal, they demonstrate all their love, in an explosion of emotion, full of kisses... At this moment, they don't have to hide their true feelings or their true intentions.

Sometimes this love is platonic, but be careful! It can be dangerous... Click to see some uncommon and funny situations.

Today Guadalajara's Panamerican games starts. We are anxious to see the new photos and videos the event will produce. So pay attention!

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