Friday, 12 August 2011

Sports that we love

Sports. Games.

We all love them. People like to go home, and watch the Olympic Games on TV, or a simple, nice, footbal match, with friends, family... and, some soda or beer on the table.

In the past, the world had only the Olympics... athletism, specially.

Now, we have more... a lot more! Cycling, car races, new forms of gymnastics (artistic, for example), and, of course, the sports that everybody likes most... ball games.

No sport is more popular in Brazil than football. And in other countries, other ball games are very popular too. Basketball, in the USA... Baseball in Japan... Football is not popular only in Brazil. All around Europe, we see people crazy about that, and many teams, in Germany, Spain, Italy...

People usually like different types of activities... but if one thing is sure, it is that sports are something we all love, and we all have something to say about one. So, now it's your turn to say what your favorite ball game is! Here is a link that you can use to find some new sport that you think is interesting:

Select your favorite, and post a comment about it. ;)

                                                                                                                                                       by SBCI